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Growing up in Southampton, Dakota always sought to express herself creatively. After a brief, successful career in the Hamptons real estate industry, Dakota realized just how affective she was at marketing herself, as well as those around her. So, during her senior year at LIU, she created what she knew the Hamptons lacked-  an innovative, full-service creative agency, one with superior digital marketing expertise. And so, Kota Marketing was born.


When COVID-19 came around, Dakota saw it as an opportunity. By thinking outside of the box, she was able to help businesses not just survive, but also thrive. She saw the pandemic as the perfect reason for businesses to join the digital world. That’s when her business grew exponentially.


Dakota graduated from Long Island University with a Bachelor's Degree in marketing & communications. She loves creating bold content that elevates brands, whether that be through web design, graphic design, or social media. Dakota is a digital native, fluent in technology, as well as English, Spanish, Portuguese & American Sign Language.


Dakota Kalbacher doesn’t merely hope for success, she creates it.

Dakota Kalbacher, CEO & Founder of Kota Marketing
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